• Gentle Yoga

    7 videos

    Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

    Gentle Kripalu Yoga classes are meditative, fluid, and soothing. Experience slow movements to warm the body and release muscular tension; breathing techniques to calm the nervous system; and simple postures to build stability.

  • Beginner Yoga

    2 videos

    Suitable for beginners and those looking to revisit the fundamentals.

    Beginner Kripalu Yoga is accessible and enlivening. You’re guided through foundational postures and breathing techniques. Expect clear instruction and a steady pace. This class is perfect for anyone starting out their yoga jou...

  • Intermediate Yoga

    10 videos

    Suitable for those with an existing practice.

    Intermediate Kripalu Yoga classes explore the balance between effort and ease. The aim of this class is to strengthen the body by sustaining more challenging postures at a moderate pace, and developing mental focus through meditation and breathing pr...

  • Vigorous Yoga

    4 videos

    Suitable for those with a strong existing practice.

    Kripalu Vigorous Yoga classes offer graceful, powerful sequences that encourage you to explore your edge. This class requires a keen sense of body awareness and enough familiarity with yoga to modify as needed. Kripalu Vigorous is ideal for tho...