Michelle Dalbec

Michelle Dalbec

Michelle Dalbec is a Lead Faculty member for Kripalu, lead teacher trainer for the Kripalu School of Yoga, and a Kripalu R&R Retreat presenter.

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Michelle Dalbec
  • Slow Flow Yoga Class

    Michelle Dalbec leads a vinyasa class with a focus on alignment and breath awareness.

  • Intermediate Kripalu Yoga Class

    Build heat and increase flexibility in this intermediate Kripalu Yoga class lead by Lead Faculty Michelle Dalbec.

  • Release Neck and Shoulder Tension

    Relieve built-up tension from tech use, typing, driving, or lifting in this stretch break with Michelle Dalbec.

  • Stretch Break in Your Chair

    Been sitting all day? Take a stretch break with Michelle Dalbec to release tension in the hips and back—without leaving your chair.