Meditation & Breathwork

  • Classic Kripalu Meditation

    Steven Leonard leads you through the five foundational elements of a Kripalu meditation experience.

  • Nature Meditations on the Elements

    Attune to the beauty and healing power of nature with meditations on water, fire, and wind, led by Micah Mortali.

  • A Calming Meditation

    Find calm and peace in this meditation with Kripalu faculty and yoga therapist Jennifer Reis, who guides you through each of the koshas, or layers of being.

  • A Mindful Practice to Enhance Communication

    Micah Mortali describes a mindful communication practice that can be used to strengthen bonds between individuals, families, and larger groups.

  • 4 Yoga Breathing Practices to Enhance Vitality

    Janna Delgado leads four classic pranayama, or yoga breathing practices, designed to increase energy, release tension, and promote immune function.

  • Meditation to Enhance Creativity

    Jurian Hughes, a voice and movement artist, leads a meditation designed to spark the flow of creative energy that already exists within you.

  • The Five Arenas of Self-Care

    Aruni Nan Futuronsky explains the five arenas of self-care, and how they can support you during challenging times.