Intermediate Yoga

Intermediate Yoga

Suitable for those with an existing practice.

Intermediate Kripalu Yoga classes explore the balance between effort and ease. The aim of this class is to strengthen the body by sustaining more challenging postures at a moderate pace, and developing mental focus through meditation and breathing practices. This class is ideal for those already practicing yoga, though newcomers who feel fit and strong are also welcome.

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Intermediate Yoga
  • Shine Bright Morning Yoga Class

    Greet the morning in this flowing class with Sadia Bruce, and feel energized and balanced as you step into your day.

  • Meditative Yoga Class

    Join Coby Kozlowski for a meditative practice with an emphasis on compassionate awareness and riding the waves of life.

  • Yoga Class to Support Calm and Focus

    Join Micah Mortali for a class that incorporates both postures and meditation to support calm and focus any time of day.

  • Twist and Shout Yoga Practice

    Join Pilin and her daughter Zuri for a twisted yoga sequence. Release stress, wring out your body, and have fun in this engaging practice.

  • Intermediate Kripalu Yoga Class

    Build heat and increase flexibility in this intermediate Kripalu Yoga class lead by Lead Faculty Michelle Dalbec.

  • Midday Yoga Class to Open Back and Shoulders

    Join Sadia Bruce for a yoga practice to open the shoulders, back, and heart and counteract the effects of sitting at a desk. You can use two thick books in place of blocks.

  • Warrior and Standing Pose Yoga Flow

    Practice tree pose, warrior pose, and others in this strength-building flow lead by Pilin Anice and her daughter Zuri.