Focused Meditations

Focused Meditations

Suitable for all levels; including beginners and those with an experienced practice.

Meditation is the art of awakening. This variety of guided practices, led by Kripalu faculty, invites you to explore focused meditation practices that enhance your day-to-day life.

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Focused Meditations
  • Energizing Meditation

    Dive deep into an inspiring visualization meditation for setting daily intentions and shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.

  • Pitta Cooling Meditation

    Let Katie Hagel guide you through a cooling, calming, visualization meditation designed for summertime or feeling excessive heat in the body or mind.

  • Mantra Meditation to Create Calm

    Drop in and join Steven Leonard as he guides you through a classic mantra meditation designed to relax and calm the nervous system.

  • Padma Mudra for Uplifting Gratitude

    Awaken energy, see more beauty, and feel gratitude with this Padma mudra meditation lead by Jennifer Reis.

  • Grounding Visualization Meditation

    Join Katie Hagel in this calming, visualization meditation to ground awareness in the body and stabilize the nervous system. Suitable for beginners or those with an already established practice, this meditation is perfect for pairing with a yoga class.

  • Smiling Meditation

    Smiling releases chemicals in your brain that elevate your mood and decrease stress. Join Evelyn Gonzalez to access positive energy with a practice of inner smiling.

  • Tonglen Meditation to Cultivate Compassion

    Christopher Holmes leads a Buddhist meditation practice that nurtures compassion and self-compassion within each of us, bringing forth our best self.

  • A Calming Meditation

    Find calm and peace in this meditation with Kripalu faculty and yoga therapist Jennifer Reis, who guides you through each of the koshas, or layers of being.

  • Meditation to Enhance Creativity

    Jurian Hughes, a voice and movement artist, leads a meditation designed to spark the flow of creative energy that already exists within you.

  • Meditation for Relaxing into the Unknown

    Aruni Nan Futuronsky guides a meditation for returning to a place of unchanging safety and calm even in the midst of upheaval.

  • Nature Meditations on the Elements

    Attune to the beauty and healing power of nature with meditations on water, fire, and wind, led by Micah Mortali.

  • Green Gazing Screen-Break Meditation

    Micah Mortali offers a practice for refreshing the eyes and mind after focusing on a screen.

  • Nature Meditation (Indoor or Outdoor)

    Micah Mortali explains how a “sit spot” practice enhances awareness of the land we live on, and leads a guided meditation that you can do outdoors or by a window at home.

  • Meditation for Gratitude and Happiness

    Pause and connect with gratitude and happiness through a guided practice with Pilin Anice and her daughter, Zuri.

  • Classic Kripalu Meditation

    Steven Leonard leads you through the five foundational elements of a Kripalu meditation experience.