Audio Meditations

Audio Meditations

Ready your device, close your eyes, and breathe. Take your practice anywhere with these guided audio meditations lead by expert Kripalu faculty.

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Audio Meditations
  • Connecting with the Heart Audio Meditation

    Jennifer Reis invites you to go inward with this profound audio meditation, using calming visualizations to help focus on the heart and beyond.

  • Adi Mudra Audio Meditation

    Adi Mudra is a simple mudra used to calm and quiet the mind and nervous system. Practice by pressing the thumb to the inside of the palm and closing the fingers around it, making a gentle fist. Rest the fisted hands softly on your knees, while in seated meditation, focusing on the breath.

  • Take a Break Audio Meditation

    Release tension, pause, and clear the space in your mind and body in this audio meditation lead by Jennifer Reis.

  • Grounding Audio Meditation

    Take a moment, let your body soften, and cultivate trust in this audio meditation with Jennifer Reis.

  • Audio Metta Meditation for A Loved One

    Send love to yourself with a guided audio metta, or loving-kindness, meditation with Monique Schubert.

  • Audio Metta Meditation for the World

    Join Monique Schubert for a seated, guided loving-kindness meditation and breath while you connect with the world around you.