• Basic Kripalu Yoga Class

    Learn the components of full yogic breathing, or Dirgha Pranayama, while Michelle leads a basic Kripalu Yoga class. Suitable for all levels.

  • Pitta Pacifying Yoga Flow

    Join Ellen Rose Cunningham for a calming, cooling practice designed to balance the qualities found in the pitta dosha.

  • A Dharma Talk with Stephen Cope

    Join Stephen Cope for a mindful learning dharma talk on the philosophy of interconnection and it's connection to yoga.

  • Sustained Yoga Postures for Inner Strength

    Connect to inner strength through breath work and sustained posture holds, such as planks and binds, with Jurian Hughes. Experience suggested.

    Poses You'll Experience:
    - Binds
    - Planks
    - Standing postures
    - Kappalabhati
    - Flow

  • Grounding Gentle Yoga Class

    Perfect for beginners, this classic Kripalu Gentle Yoga class with Michelle Dalbec will help you find ease and get centered.

  • Intermediate Kripalu Yoga Class

    Build heat and increase flexibility in this intermediate Kripalu Yoga class lead by Lead Faculty Michelle Dalbec.

  • Heart-Opening Movement Class

    This gentle, flowing movement class with Sage Brody supports you in stretching, softening, and finding a place of calm and peace.

  • Midday Yoga Class to Open Back and Shoulders

    Join Sadia Bruce for a yoga practice to open the shoulders, back, and heart and counteract the effects of sitting at a desk. You can use two thick books in place of blocks.

  • Nurturing Vinyasa Yoga Class

    Flow through a powerful yet nurturing sequence with Coby Kozlowski.

  • Yoga to Relax Your Nervous System

    Support calm and relaxation with this gentle class led by Steven Leonard.

  • Yoga to Build Heat and Energy

    Boost metabolism and bring clarity to your mind with this class led by Larissa Hall Carlson.

  • Meditative Yoga Class

    Join Coby Kozlowski for a meditative practice with an emphasis on compassionate awareness and riding the waves of life.

  • Slow Flow Yoga Class

    Michelle Dalbec leads a vinyasa class with a focus on alignment and breath awareness.

  • How to Do an Ayurvedic Self-Massage

    Larissa Hall Carlson guides you in the practice of Ayurvedic self-massage, which enhances circulation, supports immunity, and hydrates and nourishes the skin.

  • Yin Yoga Class for Deep Relaxation

    Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmunds lead a practice that invites deep relaxation through breath work and longer holding of poses.