• Hands-Free Nadi Shodhana Breathing Practice

    Settle in and let Janna guide you through an easy, hands-free Nadi Shodhana—also known as alternate breathwork breathing practice.

  • Vital Energy Audio Meditation

    Take a moment to pause, breathe, and connect with this all-levels meditation lead by Jennfer Reis.

  • Padma Mudra for Uplifting Gratitude

    Awaken energy, see more beauty, and feel gratitude with this Padma mudra meditation lead by Jennifer Reis.

  • Audio Metta Meditation for Yourself

    Send love to yourself with a guided metta, or loving-kindness, meditation with Monique Schubert.

  • Connecting with the Heart Audio Meditation

    Jennifer Reis invites you to go inward with this profound audio meditation, using calming visualizations to help focus on the heart and beyond.

  • Anywhere, Anytime Body Scan

    This calming 3-minute audio meditation with Jennifer Reis can be practiced outside, in the car, at your desk—where and when you need it most.

  • 3 Questions to Support Self-Care

    Join Maria Sirois to explore three simple yet essential questions that help us elevate self-care and build resilience.

  • Grounding Audio Meditation

    Take a moment, let your body soften, and cultivate trust in this audio meditation with Jennifer Reis.

  • Meditation for Simply Being

    Steven Leonard teaches a meditation that supports you to take a break from doing and simply allow yourself to be with whatever you’re thinking or feeling.

  • Audio Metta Meditation for A Loved One

    Send love to yourself with a guided audio metta, or loving-kindness, meditation with Monique Schubert.

  • Meditation for Gratitude and Happiness

    Pause and connect with gratitude and happiness through a guided practice with Pilin Anice and her daughter, Zuri.

  • Take a Break Audio Meditation

    Release tension, pause, and clear the space in your mind and body in this audio meditation lead by Jennifer Reis.

  • Adi Mudra Audio Meditation

    Adi Mudra is a simple mudra used to calm and quiet the mind and nervous system. Practice by pressing the thumb to the inside of the palm and closing the fingers around it, making a gentle fist. Rest the fisted hands softly on your knees, while in seated meditation, focusing on the breath.

  • Yoga Breathing Practice for Stress Relief

    Sudha Carolyn Lundeen demonstrates a yogic breathing technique for releasing tension in just a few moments.

  • Yoga Breathing to Calm Down and Cool Off

    Larissa Hall Carlson leads a simple breathing practice designed to refresh both body and mind.

  • Self-Compassion Practice for Shifting Negative Thoughts

    Maria Sirois teaches a simple yet incredibly powerful practice for building self-compassion and reversing negative thought patterns.

  • Nature Meditations on the Elements

    Attune to the beauty and healing power of nature with meditations on water, fire, and wind, led by Micah Mortali.

  • Meditation to Enhance Creativity

    Jurian Hughes, a voice and movement artist, leads a meditation designed to spark the flow of creative energy that already exists within you.

  • A Mindful Practice to Enhance Communication

    Micah Mortali describes a mindful communication practice that can be used to strengthen bonds between individuals, families, and larger groups.

  • How to Make Your Own Ghee

    Erin Casperson demonstrates the process for making ghee—clarified butter, used in many Ayurvedic recipes—and explains how it can enhance your meals.

  • How to Make Kitchari

    Erin Casperson and Lauren Gernady demonstrate how to cook this classic Ayurvedic rice-and-bean dish, and explain its health benefits.

  • Make Your Own Ayurvedic Face Wash

    Lauren Gernady and Erin Casperson demonstrate how to make an easy Ayurvedic face wash or mask.

  • Why Sugar Is a Drug

    Dr. Lisa B. Nelson, Director of Medical Education at Kripalu, talks about the impact sugar has on our bodies and the benefits of cutting down on added sugar.

  • Spice Blends to Enhance Your Meals

    Learn how to mix up your own specialized spice blends with Erin Casperson and Lauren Gernady.