• Yoga Practice for Increased Stability

    Join Katie Hagel for a guided calming, grounding yoga practice designed to increase stability for body or mind.

  • Energizing Yoga Class to Enhance Clarity and Focus

    Start your day with this invigorating class with Sadia Bruce that builds heat, clarity, and focus.

  • Evening Yoga Class with a Strap & Blankets

    Deep stretching and a slowed down flow with Sadia Bruce to prepare for sleep, requiring strap and 2 blankets. No strap? Try a towel, scarf, or robe tie.

  • Cooling Pitta-Balancing Yoga Class

    Beat the summer heat with Katie Hagel as she guides you through the gentle flow of this Pitta-balancing yoga class to cool down your body and mind.

    Poses You'll Experience:
    - Sphynx
    - Half-frog
    - Triangle
    - Exalted warrior
    - Pidgeon
    - Seated twists

  • Energizing and Uplifting Yoga Class

    Join Katie Hagel in an energizing, uplifting Kapha-balancing yoga class. Perfect for those with an existing practice, Katie guides you through strength-building poses and flow.

  • Gentle Yoga Class to Support Well-Being

    Evelyn Gonzalez leads a gentle yoga class that releases tension, promotes a positive outlook, and gives you a full-body stretch.

  • Shine Bright Morning Yoga Class

    Greet the morning in this flowing class with Sadia Bruce, and feel energized and balanced as you step into your day.

  • Yoga Class to Release Stress

    Lift your mood, release stress, and move your whole body in this all-levels class with Evelyn Gonzalez.

  • Mindful Movement for Returning to Center

    All you need is a half hour to get back to center. Enjoy this calming, empowering class with Monique Schubert.

  • How to Get a Better Night's Sleep with Ayurveda

    Lauren Gernady describes how Ayurveda views insomnia; explains why different doshas (Ayurvedic constitutions) experience wakefulness at different times of night; and offers tips for better sleep.

  • Ayurveda for Healthy Weight Management

    Lauren Gernady offers 10 practical and time-tested tips for maintaining healthy weight using the ancient health science of Ayurveda.

  • 4 Yoga Breathing Practices to Enhance Vitality

    Janna Delgado leads four classic pranayama, or yoga breathing practices, designed to increase energy, release tension, and promote immune function.

  • Practicing Compassion in the Midst of Uncertainty

    Aruni Nan Futuronsky leads a mini workshop exploring what compassion means to you, and how you can cultivate it for yourself and others to ease fear and uncertainty.

  • The Five Arenas of Self-Care

    Aruni Nan Futuronsky explains the five arenas of self-care, and how they can support you during challenging times.