• Energizing Meditation

    Dive deep into an inspiring visualization meditation for setting daily intentions and shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.

  • Full Yogic Breathwork

    Join Janna Delgado for a brief breath exploration to cultivate mindfulness. Learn the components of full yogic breathing, or Dirgha Pranayama

  • Pitta Cooling Meditation

    Let Katie Hagel guide you through a cooling, calming, visualization meditation designed for summertime or feeling excessive heat in the body or mind.

  • Mantra Meditation to Create Calm

    Drop in and join Steven Leonard as he guides you through a classic mantra meditation designed to relax and calm the nervous system.

  • A Practice for Riding the Wave of Emotions

    Christopher Holmes describes the foundational Kripalu practice of BRFWA (Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow), describes how it supports us in navigating intense emotions, and leads a short meditation.

  • Tai Chi for Mind/Body Health

    Greg DiLisio guides you through a centering Tai Chi meditation that is great for focusing the mind, cultivating health and stabilizing your core.

  • Sama Vriti for Harmony and Balance

    Janna Delgado introduces you to Sama Vriti, also known as Pace Breathing, which is a practice that balances body, breath and mind.

  • The 3 Categories of Connection

    "None of us do this life thing alone. We all do better when we remember to stay connected." — Maria Sirois

    In this short video, Maria Sirois describes the three types of beneficial connections in relationships that can support us when we’re under stress.

  • Grounding Visualization Meditation

    Join Katie Hagel in this calming, visualization meditation to ground awareness in the body and stabilize the nervous system. Suitable for beginners or those with an already established practice, this meditation is perfect for pairing with a yoga class.

  • Smiling Meditation

    Smiling releases chemicals in your brain that elevate your mood and decrease stress. Join Evelyn Gonzalez to access positive energy with a practice of inner smiling.

  • Yoga Breathing Practice for Clarity and Calm

    Christopher Holmes leads a sequence of evidence-based yoga breathing practices that can help bring more calm, clarity, and presence into your daily life.

  • Warrior and Standing Pose Yoga Flow

    Practice tree pose, warrior pose, and others in this strength-building flow lead by Pilin Anice and her daughter Zuri.

  • Audio Metta Meditation for the World

    Join Monique Schubert for a seated, guided loving-kindness meditation and breath while you connect with the world around you.

  • Stretch Break in Your Chair

    Been sitting all day? Take a stretch break with Michelle Dalbec to release tension in the hips and back—without leaving your chair.

  • Meditation for a Happy Heart

    Breathe in and cultivate love for self and others in this standing meditation with Pilin Anice and her daughter Zuri.

  • Prana Meditation to Increase Focus and Energy

    Steven Leonard guides a meditation practice that enhances prana—the flow of energy—and emphasizes feeling over thinking.

  • Twist and Shout Yoga Practice

    Join Pilin and her daughter Zuri for a twisted yoga sequence. Release stress, wring out your body, and have fun in this engaging practice.

  • Green Gazing Screen-Break Meditation

    Micah Mortali offers a practice for refreshing the eyes and mind after focusing on a screen.

  • Release Neck and Shoulder Tension

    Relieve built-up tension from tech use, typing, driving, or lifting in this stretch break with Michelle Dalbec.

  • Breathing Practices to Boost Energy and Vitality

    Try these four breathing practices guided by Steven Leonard to boost your energy and sense of aliveness in your body and mind.

  • Silk-Reeling Qi Gong Meditation

    Sage Brody leads a meditative and flowing practice of qi gong to support you in feeling centered and grounded.

  • The Five Arenas of Self-Care

    Aruni Nan Futuronsky explains the five arenas of self-care, and how they can support you during challenging times.

  • Nature Meditation (Indoor or Outdoor)

    Micah Mortali explains how a “sit spot” practice enhances awareness of the land we live on, and leads a guided meditation that you can do outdoors or by a window at home.

  • Walking Meditation to Connect with Your Environment

    Take a mindful walk through the woods, in your backyard, or through your neighborhood with Micah Mortali's guided meditation.